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Our mission is to provide a transitional, caring, educational, spiritual and supportive housing environment for pregnant women and their babies offering a pathway to self-sufficiency, and a life of dignity and respect.

Since opening in 2010, Mary’s Shelter of the Treasure Coast has had over 100 women live at our shelter during their pregnancy, gaining valuable parenting, work and life skills during their stay. Some women stay for the duration of their pregnancy, while others stay for only a few months. All of the mothers assisted have left our shelter as stronger, more independent women.

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Mary's Shelter Capital Campaign 2016/2017

  Friday August 18, 2017
  Date and time On-going

  Event Description:
Mary’s Shelter Capital Campaign “Sheltering God’s Children” is happy to announce its new goal to raise $800,000 (down from $1.2 million). To date we have raised $650,000 and need only $150,000 to complete our Capital Campaign. Please help us reach our goal. Mary’s Shelter made several attempts to purchase our current leased residence over the years to no avail. Last year after our lease rate more than doubled, we entered into an agreement to purchase and renovate a new property with a goal of raising $1.2 million. However, during the "due diligence" period of the purchase agreement, our landlord had a change of heart and offered to sell the residence to us. We are pleased to announce we purchased of our current residence on November 21, 2016. We still need to renovate and have $150,000 still to raise. These dollars will allow us to expand services to both sheltered and unsheltered women and their babies our community. Completing our campaign will provide us the funding and opportunity to begin our new Transition to Independence program for graduating shelter residents moving to their own home in our community. We are so excited! With your help we can serve more women in need. Naming opportunities available. To Donate--click on the link below. For more information, please contact Madeleine at: madeleine@MarysShelterTC.org or 772-223-5000.

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Success Stories

Saving lives two at a time, in my case they saved three. I moved into Mary's Shelter in January 2013, where shortly after I discovered I was pregnant with twins. Now in a safe place and off the streets, I was able to focus on what I needed to do for the babies and myself. Mary Shelter was very supportive of all my decisions and helped me achieve the goals that I set to better myself. I chose to place the babies up for adoption and in the struggle the staff helped lift me up when I was down about my decision. While at Mary shelter I received my GED and gained lots of knowledge about everyday life situations. I also completed a case plan to regain custody of my 14 year old son. After finishing my time at Mary's Shelter I moved into my own place with my 14 year old son. I stay in contact with Mary Shelter and they are always willing to talk to me when things seem unbearable. I would recommend Mary's Shelter to any woman in a tight situation who needs help because they do really focus on saving lives two at a time. — Former Mary's Shelter Resident

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