Programs & Services

Our programs are designed to help residents get back on their feet so when they are ready to be out on their own again, they can face the world as stronger, more independent women. Many of our programs and services take place on site while others take place at locations throughout the Treasure Coast.

Goal Planning
Each resident meets weekly with Mary’s Shelter staff to set goals and develop a plan to achieve them. During these meetings, residents discuss progress that’s being made towards completion of their goals, which ones have been achieved, and how they can progress towards goals not yet realized.

Parenting Class
This program provides expectant mothers with a variety of valuable parenting techniques that will assist them once their baby is born.

Breastfeeding Class
With the help of skilled professionals, this class offers mothers-to-be the opportunity to learn about the benefits of breastfeeding.

Baby Basics
With the help of the Martin County Healthy Start Coalition Prenatal Outreach Center the goal of this program is to increase a mother’s literacy level in regards to prenatal care by providing easy-to-read informative materials.

Bible Study
Every week residents come together to discuss passages from the bible.

CPR Classes
Through the CPR program, our mothers have the opportunity to become Infant/Child CPR certified.

Women’s Support Groups
Faith based support groups are held on site for our residents so that they can have open discussions with each other on a weekly basis.

Banking and Finance Class
Through our Banking and Finance classes residents learn basic financial management: how to open up a bank account, how to manage money and how to live within a budget.

Credit Counseling
The Credit Counseling program helps residents understand the importance of creating and maintaining good credit and how to repair bad credit.

Job Readiness and Resume Preparation
Through our job readiness and resume preparation programs, Mary’s Shelter residents learn how to create and improve their resumes, prepare for interviews and learn a variety of basic job skills.  All residents are required to volunteer or intern for various agencies and businesses to help them gain work experience and build their resume.

Loving and Caring
Through the Loving and Caring curriculum our residents are taught how to make good decisions in regards to pregnancy and parenting.

Guest Chefs
Mary’s Shelter has many volunteers who enjoy the opportunity to visit the shelter as “Guest Chefs” and teach our mothers how to cook and prepare meals.

Sewing Class
Sewing classes offer residents an opportunity to learn basic sewing skills.

Jewelry Making
Our jewelry making class gives residents time to be creative and learn how to make beautiful accessories.

Father / Child
The Father/Child program is offered to the significant others of our residents who would like to be a part of their child’s life. This program is offered through the Father Child Resource Center which provides valuable support to encourage men to become more involved and committed fathers by through parenting classes and much more.