"Mary's Shelter provides a transit supportive housing environment for pregnant women and their babies

offering a pathway to self-sufficiency, and a life of dignity and respect."



Members of the Board

John P. Glynn, Jr. - President

Angie M. Leggio - Vice President

Janet Martin – Secretary

J. Charles Stracuzzi - Treasurer

Beth Alcalde - Legal Advisor

Rev. Msgr. Blase M. Gintoli- Spiritual Advisor

Alan D. Anderson
Nicholas S. Grubbs
George F. MacLean
Edward Jost
Florence L. Oreiro
Daniel Waldman


Advisory Board


In transition - will be posted
in February 2019



Executive Director
Gina S. Thompson

Honorary Board Member
Frank Flora

Members Emeritus
Noel P. Lindsay, Founder
Janet D. Lindsay, Founder